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Festive Style - A classic Hamptons Christmas Table

Festive Style - A classic Hamptons Christmas Table

We just love these festive months and have felt inspired to create the ultimate classic Hamptons Christmas Table. 

A classic Hamptons coastal kitchen and dining style is awashed with blue hues, rattans and crisp whites, so let these coastal vibes of the sea set the style for your dining space, the season of Christmas the inspiration.

To get the look for your perfect summer classic Christmas table, focus on three key features:

1. Blue & White Ceramics: Use large Ginger Jars to act as the centrepiece on your table, then compliment with smaller accents, like a few footed bowls, decorator balls & a wine cooler or two...

2. Add Florals! The long stemmed Blue Hydrangeas are perfect to feature in Ginger Jars and scattered throughout Garland for a stunningly simple festive look. 

3. Go the Garland. We just love winding and bending classic look garland throughout the centre of the table, it adds such a festive elegance to the style. 

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