Hamptons Beach Style Homewares & Furniture

Welcome to Hamptons Style, the original store for all Hamptons homewares and furnishings in Australia. The Hamptons design has a timeless quality that embodies the spirit of relaxed, coastal living and we’re proud to bring this style to Australia’s Gold Coast and beyond. Read More

Hamptons Homewares & Accessories: Where Quality Meets Design

At Hamptons Style, you’ll find everything you need to create a comfortable and luxurious environment for your home. Whether you’re redesigning a bedroom, touching up your kitchen, or creating the perfect setting for those outdoor summer parties; we have everything you need.

Beach Style Homewares from the New England Shore

Hamptons is all about creating a relaxing space using home decor that’s inspired by the New England seaside. It has a simple aesthetic that relies on patterned and colourful accents paired with minimalistic furniture choices. We offer beach style homewares that capture the timeless elegance and effortless relaxation that’s at the heart of Hamptons style.

Here you’ll find seashore-inspired items in neutral tones together with delicate shell patterns, deep navy blues and bright teals. We also have many ceramics available in the dark blue and white floral patterns that are signature to the Hamptons style.

Fun and Sophisticated Beach Style Furniture in Australia

The beach is a universal symbol for relaxation and fun. Hampton style mixes simple and sophisticated with fun and offbeat, allowing you to decide how much of each you want to incorporate in your design choices. You’ll find that our nautical prints and styles are more of an understated and modern look. Our oceanside-inspired beach style furniture has more of an offbeat vibe, reminding you that a day out in the sun is never too far away.

We offer furniture and other decor items in the Hampton style, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Indoor and outdoor cushions
  • End tables
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Lounge room sofas and more!

Our modern furniture features the crisp whites that often look great with beach-themed decor. Take a look at our entire range of furniture and accessories to blend together your perfect style!

Hamptons Style Works for Any Style

To us, quality is more than good materials. It’s also about creating things that are easily combined and recombined as you recreate your home environment. We certainly have a distinct Hampton’s aesthetic, but it is designed to support you as you craft your own style. With our blend of patterns, colour palettes and forms, you can instantly change the feel of a room simply by moving around the furniture in your home.

You’ll also be able to easily find new pieces to blend with your growing tastes. Life is an ever-changing adventure, and it’s natural for your tastes to shift over time. Your home should be a fluid space that can easily reflect those changes. If you start with a simple foundation, you can use easily shifted and replaceable accents to add a more personal flair. We offer both the simple foundation and vibrant accents that set a room apart, along with everything in between.

Hamptons Style is Australia's largest supplier of hamptons style house furniture! From beach style homewares, interiors design styling and vanity furniture to living & dining room furniture, beautiful desks, bedroom & bathroom furniture, lighting, cushions, outdoor furniture and much more! Browse our full range.

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