Hamptons Side Tables

Nothing says Hamptons quite like lime-washed wood. The Hampton style grew from New England coastal homes in New York, and it has since come into demand around the world. We are proud to be the original purveyors of Hampton-style home decor and furnishings in Australia. Read More

Bring Something Extra to Your Design with Hamptons Side Tables

A Hamptons side table is the perfect way to add a touch of beachside class to your home. Hampton style is one of casual refinement. As such, you’ll find end tables that reflect everything from a clean and modern aesthetic to an artistic rendering of the natural beauty provided by coastal living.

Indoor & Outdoor Side Tables for Style Everywhere You Go

Side tables are effective because they provide a function beyond adding to your decor. You can use them as a plinth to feature some of your favourite artwork, set them next to the sofa for added comfort in a family space, or even use them as a central location for keys and other items needed on a daily basis.

We offer indoor and outdoor side tables because we know just how versatile and useful they can be as a design element. Our wide range of styles means you’ll find a perfect fit for your home. We have classical, metallic designs with rounded tops as well as styles that are inspired by nature. These include pieces constructed from wood that mirror the natural shape of a coral reef, as well as knotted rope designs for those who love sailing.

Your Outdoor Parties Will Never Be the Same

Have you ever been to an outdoor party where there wasn’t enough table space? The host has to make room for everything: the barbecue, the lighting, the games and, of course, the guests! It’s no wonder bulky tables tend to get overlooked in the planning.

Side tables are always appreciated by your guests at outdoor parties. Even if you have a large enough table to seat everyone for dinner, people are meant to wander at outdoor events. Your guests need somewhere to put their beverages when they play games or balance plates.

Side tables don’t take up much space and are easy to move around during the festivities. Not to mention, the Hampton style is perfectly suited to an outdoor design.

Pair Different Models for a Fun Effect

We offer a range of designs for our furniture that are often easily paired together, and we have a versatile selection of side tables. It’s easy to pair many of our pieces, and finding the right mix for your space can be lots of fun. This is especially true for your outdoor areas where you have more leeway to play around with style.

Side tables are one of the easiest pieces of furniture to work with in your home decor. They are very good as accents to your design palette, especially if you mix and match styles. Bring a little bit of the Hamptons into your home today with one of our stylish side tables.

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