Hamptons Style Outdoor Furniture

At Hamptons, we know two things: how to create an amazing style, and how to relax when the work is done. That’s why we’re the perfect place to go to for all your outdoor furniture needs. We have a wide range of products that are sure to help you create an amazing outdoor retreat. Read More

Hamptons Style Outdoor Furniture is Made for Fun and Relaxation

Your family will love having a backyard filled with beautiful decorations and luxurious comfort. Of course, everyone has a different idea of what it means to relax.

Don’t worry, Hamptons style outdoor furniture has something for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you prefer to get your hands dirty with some gardening or host the perfect summer barbecue; Hamptons can make your experience better.

Get Hamptons Style Planter Boxes, Potting Tables & Chairs for the Family Gardener

If you or someone in your family has a green thumb, you have to take a look at our planter boxes and potting tables. They make gardening easy, allowing you to move plants around to take advantage of ideal light levels and shade throughout the day.

Our planter boxes are solidly constructed from hardwood and are not mass-produced. Each box comes pre-primed and painted in a bright white colourway. This colour is ideal because it fits easily into any design style and also absorbs less heat than darker shades. Our potting tables are also built to last, and they can save your back from having to bend and stoop over your garden all day.

Get Your Backyard Ready for Outdoor Gatherings and Parties

Once you’ve got your gardens and landscaping to your required standard, it’s time to turn your attention to all the little items you need if you’re planning to host an outdoor gathering. People love to congregate in the sunshine, or under the stars, for a fun time filled with games and good friends. Make sure everyone is comfortable by stocking up on some essential outdoor items, such as:

  • Lamps and candles for soft lighting at night
  • Inflatable drink holders for something fun and quirky
  • Rattan fairy lights to add a magical touch
  • A lovely hammock for people to recline

You should also make sure you have adequate seating and table space. You can use end tables or butler trays to create extra table space if you find yourself running short.

Use Outdoor Cushions for Extra Comfort

You might be running short on outdoor chairs for all your guests as well, or perhaps your family just wants something a little softer to sit on outside. Cushions are an excellent way to supplement a lack of seating or just provide some more comfort. Be careful putting them on your hammock during a party, though. Someone’s liable to take a lovely nap and miss all the fun!

If you’re having a picnic party, cushions are a wonderful way to bring in a little more fun. Invite your guests to eat while sitting on blankets on the ground instead of a picnic table, giving everyone their own cushion.

Find Everything You Need for Outdoor Decor at Hamptons

Whether you prefer to work in the garden or host an outdoor party, you’ll find something at Hamptons to improve the experience. Check out our online catalogue today and let us help you create an amazing backyard for your home.

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