Hamptons Beach Style Bedside Tables

Our company has been providing the Gold Coast area with home decor and furniture since 2013. Our specialty is in the Hamptons style of design. This style is named for the coastal towns located along the New England coast in New York, which were largely comprised of vacation homes. Hamptons style is known for being elegantly casual, and it wouldn’t be Hampton’s if it didn’t have a touch of the coast! Read More

Hamptons Bedside Tables Combine a Modern Look with Classic Design

Hamptons style bedside tables are the perfect complement to any bedroom set. They are made from high-quality materials in a variety of styles. Weathered looks in vibrant colours, classic designs with an antique feel, or even modern styles made from metal and glass: all of it embodies the Hamptons aesthetic.

Hamptons has Beach Style Bedside Tables

The beach look is perfect for a light and airy decorating style. It’s all about wide open space and all the little pops of detail that fill in the gaps. In fact, details are crucial to a good Hamptons beach style.

That’s because, overall, beach style has a very neutral look. Crisp white and sand-toned creams are used to create a solid foundation for the style. From there, it’s easy to individualise using those little details. Pair your whites with a seafoam green or pick one of your favourite patterns to dot around the room. That’s what makes a small accent such as a bedside table a perfect element for a coastal style decor. Beach style bedside tables are a great way to play with vivid colours in your bedroom.

Our Designs are a Modern Twist on the Classics

Bedrooms often don’t offer as many opportunities to truly define your style as they usually don’t have nearly as much furniture as the rest of your home. So, as it turns out, those little details matter whether you’re designing a beach-style bedroom or not.

Our bedside tables offer modern twists on classic designs, and many of them find inspiration from French styles of furniture. So, if you’re not looking to design a perfect beach getaway, how about recreating a lovely French villa? The styles mesh quite well, so why not go the whole way and turn your room into a lovely oceanside French villa? No matter what you choose, we have a range of styles and designs that will fit your vision.

We Truly Care About What We Do

It may seem like an unimportant detail to most, what kind of bedside table you choose for your room. To us, we understand just how meaningful those little details are to your overall design. Let us help you take care of those fine details that make for a gorgeous space. Whether it’s a stylish bedside table, or a beautiful lamp. Browse our online catalogue today and find the perfect accents for your home.

Our Designers Are Here to Help

If you’re having trouble choosing just the right design accents for your home, schedule a consultation with one of our designers today. We are available for at-home consultations in the Gold Coast area. For all other regions, please contact us as we can work with you remotely. Simply provide us with your room dimensions and photographs to get started.

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