Our Sustainability Efforts

Our Sustainability Efforts

At it’s core, our companies vision has always been to enhance lives by creating inspiring spaces for classic & stylish living. In doing so, we understand that we have a commitment to social and environmental obligations.

Our company has a responsibility to make a beautiful life better for all of us. We believe that as a company we need to reduce excessive wastage in the way of packaging and materials.

Our first step: Is to reuse as much of our packaging as we possibly can. If your order arrives to you in a box that has been used before, this was done intentionally. Why throw that box in the rubbish only to re-package and use a new box for your order? A new box may be prettier but so much worse for our planet in the long run.

Our next step: Is to review the way we operate. We believe that we may already be carbon neutral. We aim to do more research and prove that we are in fact carbon neutral.

In reviewing the way we operate, we are determined to use less electricity. We will turn off lights that are not necessary and also turn off any air conditioning that we don’t need to run. We will open the windows in our offices to allow fresh air to breathe and introduce real green indoor plants as opposed to artificial florals.

Our end goal: To reach out to our suppliers, and ask them to reduce their carbon emissions by way of less Styrofoam in their deliveries to us. In saying that, the Styrofoam they provide to us we do reuse in our packaging of orders to you.



As a company, we don't simply sell home furnishings. We strive to enhance lives by creating inspiring spaces for stylish living in a sustainable way. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by reusing materials, aiming to be carbon neutral, and partnering with suppliers to reduce waste. We will thoughtfully source products, operate efficiently, and educate customers, with the goal of providing beautiful, classic home goods while caring for our shared planet.



Hamptons Style aims to create a more beautiful and sustainable world. Our vision is to inspire classic, timeless homes while reducing our environmental impact. We strive to reuse, reduce waste, and operate ethically at every level, working towards a carbon neutral future. Our ultimate goal is to enhance lives through thoughtful, eco-conscious design.



Our brand's reason for existence is to enhance lives by creating inspiring spaces for classic and stylish living in an eco-friendly way. We provide value to our customers by offering high-quality, sustainable products and minimizing our environmental impact. What sets us apart is our commitment to reuse, reduce waste, and strive for carbon neutrality across our operations. Our unique selling proposition is stylish, eco-conscious living.



- Sustainability: We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through reuse, efficiency, and collaboration with suppliers.

- Responsibility: We take ownership of our role in creating a better world through sustainable business practices. 

- Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to our environmental values in all business decisions.

- Innovation: We constantly seek new ways to reduce waste and emissions across our operations.

- Quality: Our commitment to sustainability does not compromise our dedication to providing customers with exceptional products.

- Community: We believe in fostering strong relationships and working collectively towards sustainability goals.

- Progress: We have taken steps to become more sustainable, but also recognize there is always more we can do. We are committed to continuous improvement.



Our brand stands apart from competitors through our deep commitment to sustainability. We reuse packaging, aim to be carbon neutral, reduce energy waste, and source natural materials - efforts that few in our industry match. At our core, we believe that making beautiful, classic home goods and reducing environmental impact go hand-in-hand. Our main differentiation is our comprehensive sustainability strategy that permeates all aspects of our business, from operations to products. This shows customers we truly care about people and the planet, not just profits.



When we first started our business over 13 years ago, we had a simple vision - to bring timeless, elegant furniture into people's homes. As we grew from a small ebay store in the garage into a nationally recognized brand, that vision remained the same. But over time, we realized that fulfilling people's home furnishing needs was only part of our responsibility. We also needed to consider our impact on the world.

That's why recently, we have formally made a commitment to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our business. We launched initiatives to reduce waste, reuse packaging, and partner with suppliers who share our values. But this was just the beginning.

Today, sustainability is woven into the fabric of who we are. From the materials we source to the way we transport our products, we're constantly innovating to reduce our environmental footprint. Our people are passionate about doing their part to preserve the planet for future generations.

At the same time, we've never lost sight of our founding vision - to create timeless, heirloom-quality furniture that brings joy into people's lives. In fact, our commitment to sustainability has inspired us to raise our standards even higher. We want to make pieces that last for decades, becoming beloved parts of your family's home.

The world needs more care, not more things. That idea guides everything we do today. We're in business not just to outfit homes, but also to make a difference. To spread a little more beauty, and leave behind a smaller footprint. To create furnishings that give back as much as they provide.

This is the ethos at the heart of our brand - where sustainability meets simple, classic design. It's a vision we'll continue pursuing, for the sake of both your home and the planet. Because how we live today shapes the world of tomorrow.