Hamptons Style Lighting

Lighting is essential to the atmosphere you create in your home. Good design needs lighting that provides the right level of illumination while adding the perfect accent to a room. Our beautiful and well-crafted lights are just the kind of accents that make for good design. Read More

Experience Brilliant Illumination with Hamptons Lighting in Australia

You see, fine lighting is a signature of the Hamptons style. This style originated in the vacation homes of New York’s wealthy elite. The style is named after these communities, and the Hamptons are an area known for culture, refinement, and relaxation. We are the original purveyors of Hamptons lighting in Australia, along with many other Hamptons-style products.

Hamptons style is known for simple and elegant overhead pendant lighting, but there is much more to choose from than that. We have many unique lighting options that draw inspiration from the Hamptons aesthetic.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Your Home

We provide lighting solutions for every room in your home, including your patio and outdoor spaces. It’s important to make sure you’re using specialised outdoor lighting to ensure it withstands the effects of inclement weather and harsh sunshine. Our outdoor lighting is made from sturdy materials and comes in a variety of styles. We have many different types of hanging lanterns available in silver and bronze tones. These have a more traditional and classic look. Or why not add a little fun to your garden party with our Rattan fairy lights?

We also have indoor lighting fit for a Hamptons style of design. Our floor lamps have a very clean and modern aesthetic with a minimalist design. Our table lamps, on the other hand, have much more variation in their styles. We carry ceramic lamps bearing the traditional navy blue and white patterns that are unique to Hamptons design, as well as many lamps inspired by the seaside.

Of course, we also have a wide range of lamp shades to pair with our various table and floor lamps, so you have even more control over the overall look of your lighting.

Mountable Lighting Fixtures for Ceilings and Walls

If you’re doing a major redesign, you might want to consider replacing your mounted light fixtures. This is also a great way to totally refresh a space. Our hanging pendant lights are truly stunning works of art. From beaded seashell chandeliers to a sparse glass bulb dangling from a chain, we have something that will provide just the right look for your home.

Our wall sconces often pair nicely with our pendant lights, to provide the perfect combination when lighting a large space. Hamptons design is all about spacious, well-lit rooms. While natural sunlight from large windows is always the best accent to a Hamptons room, a lovely pendant light is just as stylish.

Find Beautiful Works of Light for Every Room

Hamptons style is all about bringing together the natural beauty of the oceanside with modern aesthetics and the refinement of French provincial design. We have been providing Hamptons furnishings and home decor since 2013, and we are truly proud to bring this relaxed coastal style to Australia’s Gold Coast.

Lighting is a big part of Hamptons style, and we invite you to look through our products and see how Hamptons can bring a little more warmth to your home.

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