Hamptons Style Bedroom Furniture

Beach style bedroom furniture is all about casual elegance. It is the pocket square in your tasteful Hawaiian vacation shirt, and it is a great way to create a relaxing and fun atmosphere. That’s what Hamptons style is all about: a casual environment filled with sophisticated things. It originated within the coastal vacation homes of New York’s upper class and has since grown to be a global design style. Read More

Bring the Beach Home with Hamptons Style Bedroom Furniture

Beach style from the Hamptons is all about relaxation in an environment that is luxurious and refined. It is perfect for a bedroom because it focuses on open and calming spaces. The style is founded on minimal design choices that are accented with bold colours. So, it’s easy to create an open look in a small space.

Relax and Rejuvenate with Beach Style Bedroom Furniture

Did you know studies have found a correlation between anxiety and aesthetics? As it turns out, your mind is actually soothed by things you find visually appealing. The opposite is also true: an unattractive space can affect your peace of mind. That’s why design is important, especially in your home.

It’s also why we like the neutral tones and vibrant accents of Hamptons style. A good neutral base keeps your experimentations with colour and patterns from becoming overwhelming. This leaves you free to mix and match smaller design elements to create an overall effect that is soothing without becoming dull.

Find the Perfect Blend to Create Your Hamptons Style

The bedroom is a great space to experiment with your design style. It’s usually smaller than other rooms, so it’s easier to redecorate. Not only that, it is really all about your particular style. Hamptons style has a unified design aesthetic, but it borrows from many different styles of design. This makes it easy for you to define your style with Hamptons style.

The basic foundation for a Hamptons look is a wide, open room with lots of light. While home accents often feature shell patterns, anchors, and other ocean themes; there all also many vintage and classic styles with a more refined look. Colours tend to begin with neutrals inspired by the shoreline. Stormy greys, sand-based tans, navy blues, and deep browns are often paired with a stark white base. Accent these tones with classic patterns, or with a vibrant shade you pepper throughout the room. This is where you can really experiment, because the subtle nuances are what really change how the room feels.

Relax in Style with Fine Furniture by Hamptons

Hamptons style bedroom furniture is designed with your comfort in mind, but we also understand the importance of a beautiful space. Especially when that space is your home. Our company prides itself on delivering beautiful, timeless classics that look as though they came straight from a New England home. We have been providing Hamptons style furnishings since 2013, and our customers have come to rely on our quality products and unrivalled design services. Take a look through our online catalogue and find your perfect Hamptons style today.

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