Hamptons Beach Style Cushions

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Experience Luxury with Hamptons Cushions & Throws

Hamptons style cushions bring a simple elegance to your home. Our colour palettes range from neutral tones to vivid primaries, together with simple geometric patterns to create versatile accents. All of our cushions and throws are made from breathable, high-quality materials to ensure they are as comfortable and practical as they are stylish.

Hamptons Beach Style Cushions Bring the Seaside to Your Home

Hampton style was created in the seaside communities along the New England coast. It has an open and airy feel inspired by the natural beauty of coastal living. Nothing is more relaxing than the gentle lapping of waves against the shore on a warm and sunny day. Although, there are times of the year when those days are more likely to be sweltering rather than warm!

That’s why we use breathable cotton and cooling linens for our cushions. Using cotton and linens allows for better airflow, and that means you’ll experience total comfort even on the hottest days.

Our beach themes combine these amazing quality fabrics and fillings with elegant ocean themes that make your living space feel like a relaxing retreat. Prints range from nature-inspired patterns to nautical themes incorporating knots and anchors.

Hamptons beach style cushions use neutral white and sand colours paired with deep navy hues and varying gold tones. They are available for both indoors and outdoors, so you can bring a little bit of the beach to every part of your home.

Find a Throw to Match Your Style

Just like our cushions, Hamptons throws are made with luxury in mind. Luxury is about the way something looks and feels, and so we offer cushions to meet both your design and comfort preferences. You know what you like, and we have a variety of throws so that you can find exactly what you want.

We have wintertime throws to keep you warm and summertime throws to keep you cool. Most of our throws are made from 100% cotton so they feel soft to touch and are available in a variety of designs and rich colours. So, whatever your preferences, you’re sure to find something to match any room in your home, adding a little extra heart and soul to your sacred space.

Simple Designs that Make for Extraordinary Accents

We’ve been supplying the Gold Coast with exquisite Hampton-style goods since 2013. We know that you can never have too much comfort in your home, and our cushions and throws provide all the comfort you need in a very stylish package. High-quality materials and stunning design are the foundation we use to bring an extra touch of luxury to all our products.

So, fill in the fine details of your home with quality cushions and throws from Hamptons, where style comes second only to comfort.

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