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Add a touch of Rattan to your seaside haven 

Add a touch of Rattan to your seaside haven 

Add a touch of Rattan to your seaside haven 

What we love about the classic style of the Hamptons is the relaxed, calm, coastal feel it evokes in the home. Being in Australia where ocean life is all around us, we want to bring this into our main living spaces, allowing us to style the way we live.

One simple way to "relax" a style is by introducing the textures of rattan. Rattan is a strong, fibrous material that comes from the stem of the palm tree - hence why it is a staple design trend across holiday resorts around the world. 

Adding rattan to any space in the home sparks those holiday feels, and when paired with ceramics, mirrors and florals it can tie together the seaside look perfectly - after all layering natural textures such as rattan, linens and jute is essential to achieving the ultimate Hamptons inspired home.

Here are our top 3 design tips for bringing in rattan to your home style:

1. Go whitewash. Traditionally rattan styles were featured in the darker browns - but no longer. The Hamptons way uses the lighter, whitewash palette of the material, embracing the coastal vibes but keeping in tune with the classic look of the style.

2. Just a touch. Don't go overboard with rattan in your styling. A piece of furniture, a rug,  a tray or a mirrored frame in a space is all you need to honour rattan - too much can be exactly that - too much!

3. Have fun with it. Bring it into spaces you may not have already considered - on the dining table, in the bathroom or in the kitchen - the more unique the place the better! 

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