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Our favourite Floral Accents for your Hamptons home

Our favourite Floral Accents for your Hamptons home

A major element of the Hamptons look is incorporating beautiful floral arrangements into the space - and why not? Flowers are one of the simplest yet effective ways to add vibrancy and colour to a room. There are a range of different florals used in Hamptons styling depending on what look you are trying to achieve. Here we break down our favourite florals and where best we feel they fit into your style:

Hydrangeas - Known as the flower of the Hamptons, the Hydrangea is the perfect balance of relaxed coastal and classic looks. If you are a lover of the traditional Hamptons style, don't hold back on adding hydrangeas to different rooms around the home. When it comes to colour feel free to keep the hydrangeas white - however we love adding pops of blues and greens through these florals as well. Style in a blue and white vase or pot next to your favourite coffee table book for a gorgeous table feature.

Orchids - Put simply, orchids are pure elegance. Often featured as a display piece on their own, orchids have that regal feel which formalises a space perfectly. When it comes to orchids we tend to choose the white orchid - it's eye catching beauty blends with most coffee and hall table styling. Go large and feature an arrangement on your dining table, or keep it to a minimum with a single stemmed orchid on top of your Chanel coffee table books - the beauty of an orchid often speaks for itself.  

Roses & Peonies - The perfect romantic flowers, roses and peonies fit into the Hamptons style with their beauty and grace. From soft pinks to dark mauve, whites to creams, feature your roses, peonies, or an arrangement of both in the bedroom for that beautiful feminine touch to your Hamptons space. 

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