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Finding Your Decorating Inspiration | We hope to Inspire you!

Finding Your Decorating Inspiration | We hope to Inspire you!

Where to start?

If you shy away from even choosing artwork or a lamp and have no idea why this seems to come naturally to some people, here are some simple tips to get those creative juices flowing...

1. Start tearing pages out of decorating magazines of all the things you like. You'll soon start to see a common theme emerging. You can do this with pinterest or even instagram as well. 

2. Rearrange your own home. Move things around, stand back and take a look. Then re-arrange again. Keeping going until you find balance and symmetry in what you have just done. Playing around and spending time is the key.  

3. Review what you currently have. Make a list of the things you love, and the things that you'd ditch in a heartbeat. As you begin to define your style by using your inspirational images, adding and subtracting to that list makes your true style stand out.

Still stuck? Speak to our Interior Designers, we can do as much or as little for you as you like. 



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