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Hamptons in Spring - Top Tips from our Designers

Hamptons in Spring - Top Tips from our Designers

Looking at refreshing your home this Spring and unsure where to start? We all have ideas of re-working the key living and dining spaces however it is easy to get lost in the vision, and struggle with putting the old and the new together. 

Here are top design tips from our team on how to easily bring the Spring look into your home style.

1. Enhance the feeling of Space. Using decorative mirrors and well positioned lighting can make a room feel instantly bigger and brighter. We recommend, where possible, position your mirror opposite a window to bounce the natural light effectively around the room, while adding a different dimension to your living space.

2. Add the new; Embrace the old. Designing your home space can be more forgiving than you first may think, like styling your vintage coffee table with your new modern sofa actually works quite well. Keeping those family heirlooms on display reflects who you are and your style, so create a space where the old and the new co-exist perfectly together.

3. Super stylish storage. Investing in a few rattan baskets, big and small is an economical and stylish way to store those bits and pieces we all collect in our living areas. Use larger baskets to store throws, cushions, board games and toys in the living room, while the smaller baskets are ideal in the kitchen and dining areas to house cutlery, fruit, vegetables and other utensils on the countertop.

4. Keep it floral. One of the easiest ways to add a refresh to your home style this Spring is with florals and greenery. Not only does it lift the mood in a space instantly, it also adds texture and colour to a room - something we all love. 

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