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Style your Sofa... and beyond! Let your inner creative run wild.

Style your Sofa... and beyond! Let your inner creative run wild.

By using your sofa as a base you can change the whole look and feel of your living room in an instant. If possible, buy a good quality sofa in a traditional style which will stand the test of time. Then apply the layers;

Adding cushions is one of the quickest and easiest way of updating, and the possibilities are endless. Vary the colours and textures of decorative cushions, this provides visual interest and injects a little depth into the space. The more neutral your room, the brighter your cushions can be. 

But think beyond just cushions - side tables serve a purpose and are incredibly practical. As a rule of thumb, side tables should be about 2.5 - 4cm shorter than the height of the furniture piece you have it beside. Side tables also add another way to introduce colour and pattern (think rattan here). 

Rugs are a must for a stylish space. A room is never complete until there's a bit of colour, pattern & texture on the floor. Rugs on floorboards or tiles soften the space and provide warmth in winter, while rugs on carpet are perfectly fine as well. They define different zones in open plan spaces and help with sound proofing reducing echoes & noise bouncing off the walls.

Ultimately, let your inner creative run wild and have some fun! 
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