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Styling your side table - our Tips for the perfect Spring look

Styling your side table - our Tips for the perfect Spring look

When it comes to styling a side table we find it needs to be a balance between beauty and practicality - and for good reason. The side table is a place to put that coffee cup, extra magazine or TV remote so it needs to function accordingly. On the flip side however, we want the side table to pop - it's a chance to bring colour, texture and personality into your space, reflective of the style you are creating in your home.

So here are our top tips for creating that perfect side table style for your Spring Hamptons home -

1. Style in three's: A classic rule of design is to work in three's when it comes to your display. This tends to keep the look balanced and refined. For example, a Lamp, coffee table book and floral arrangement all work beautifully together, ranging in height and texture to create a timeless look.

2. Keep it practical. Coffee tables, side tables, hall tables and consoles are often "dumping grounds" for different spaces of the home. From TV remotes, to car keys, loose change to mail, the styling of your table needs to not only look beautiful but house these odds and ends for everyone in the home.

3. Include those personal touches. Photos, jewellery boxes and favourite florals are all treasured items that make your house your home - so be sure to incorporate a few personal touches to your side table display - after all it is these that often make us smile the most. 

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