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Traditional, Modern or Rustic - What Hamptons Style are you?

Traditional, Modern or Rustic - What Hamptons Style are you?

Over the last decade the Hamptons look has been a dominant inspiration for design trends across the country, with homeowers captivated by the soothing tones, natural textures and crisp whites inherent of the style.

As it's popularity has grown so has it's ability to merge with other design trends - whether that may be a more of a modern, contemporary statement, or a rustic, beachy vibe - allowing home owners to embrace their own look whilst keeping true to the Hamptons style.

So which Hamptons Style are you? 

Traditional Hamptons

Straight from the streets of the east end of Long Island, the traditional Hamptons look embraces the architectural beauty of the homes in the area; stunning skirting, timber moulding and detailed architraves all highlighted by crisp white walls and throws of natural textures like jute, linen and rattan. Light filled rooms enhance the soft palette of the furnishings; sofas to sink into, a window seat to spend lazy afternoons and white wicker outdoor settings embrace the relaxed vibes. Accessorise with blue & white ginger jars, paisley prints and as many hydrangeas as your space can handle. Divine.

Modern Hamptons

Inspired by homes in the Hamptons like celebrity Bethany Frankel's "Morning Glory" renovation, modern Hamptons embraces the clean lines, neutral palettes and simplistic styling synonomous with a contemporary look, while still incorporating key traditional Hamptons features of natural textures and pops of coastal blues throughout the home.  Quality marble finishes and linear coffee tables accessorised with features of silver, glass and black and white colour combinations. Simple elegance. 

Rustic Hamptons

Drawing on the inspiration of the sea, rustic Hamptons plays on the beachy vibes synonomous with a coastal style. Nautical elements embrace the look, drawing on the traditional Hamptons history, with the Long Island region first occupied by farming and fishing towns.  Natural textures fill this design space, with rattans and jutes drawing inspiration for much of the furnishings and decor. Coastal blues and shabby sheek highlights blend perfectly with the relaxing vibes of the Hamptons style, giving homes a functionality fit for family life, weekend gatherings and long days by the beach.

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