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Living Room Makeover- Simple Tips for your Hamptons Home

Living Room Makeover- Simple Tips for your Hamptons Home

Simple Tips to Makeover your Living Spaces

The living areas are the most commonly used spaces in the home; whether it is for relaxing watching the TV, entertaining friends, family time, or curling up to read a good book the lounge room must be as beautiful as it is functional.

Here are our three top tips to giving your living space a makeover to keep all the family happy:

1. A dreamy sofa - Choose a sofa that is all about comfort and style. Keep colours neutral and dress it up with cushions and throws that suit both the entertainer and the family life. Pair with an elegant armchair in a darker or printed fabric to add a designer feature to the space.

2. Rug essentials - We've spoken many times about the importance of a rug to a room; not only does it define the space but it adds such warmth and comfort - crucial elements to a successful living room! Choose a rug that brings out the colour palette of your room. Soft blues, whites, greys and creams are all favourites of the Hamptons colour palette and work well in a multi-purpose living area.

3. Coffee table fun -  Style your coffee table to suit all the family; A vase of Florals for the elegance, noughts & crosses for family fun, coffee table books for the readers & a trinket box to house all the nick nacks a living room accumulates over time. Divine. 

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