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You Ask: We Answer. Here are our Top 5 FAQ's

You Ask: We Answer. Here are our Top 5 FAQ's

Let us solve the Styling Dilemma for you:

If you love decorating as much as we do yet have soooo many questions longer than your shopping list let us help you letting you in on some of our top 5 most frequently asked questions from our much loved customers.

Q 1. How can I get some Coffee Table Pizazz?

An easy rule of thumb is to have a great mix of items that play with different textures, heights and scale. If something still isn’t working, it could be that things are too symmetrical. Try styling in odd numbers which makes your display look more balanced to the eye, playing with elements of three to five in the space until you are happy.  Consider a small collection of items, this could be a candle, some coral and a trinket box to hide away your remotes to give it that magazine photo shoot look.

Q 2. Styling My Tray?
A tray can bring all the elements from your coffee table styling above together. Trays can be a great way to spruce up, highlight and compliment a space, adding another layer of texture with a glass, metal, wooden or rattan tray. Personalise your tray with books, magazines and trinkets you love to give your guests a peek into your life and can also make a great conversation starter.

Q 3. Cushions How To?
We recommend feather inserts for comfort and are easily shaped and plumped to perfection, they look best when you splice them at the top middle section . Start your display with a neutral tone if you need to build up your cushion confidence and add interest using patterns or texture. Feeling bold? Add cushions in different colours and tones that work with other elements in the room.

Q 4. Console Me?   
A console being a more narrow and taller piece of furniture is typically found in your hallway or entryway, traditionally used for keys keep it simple with a focal point above with either artwork or a mirror. Don't clutter the console making sure a quarter to half is clear space and like the coffee table add interest with objects at different heights.

Q 5. Floored?
A rug is a great way to pull together all the furniture pieces in your lounge area and define the space. Two layouts include (a) the classic if your sofa and armchairs are up against the wall, your rug should be large enough to fit under the front legs of all your pieces and (b) the floating layout. If your sofa and armchairs float in the middle of the room, your rug should be large enough to fit under all four legs of each piece of furniture.
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