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3 Tips for Choosing Hamptons Style Furniture

3 Tips for Choosing Hamptons Style Furniture

3 Easy Steps to choosing Furniture

We may not all be able to own a slice of Hamptons paradise to retreat to for those summer vacay feels so the next best is to bring the look into your very own home. The look is created using elegant, sophisticated design which exudes a luxurious feel yet still retaining a sense of warmth and cosiness. The style of the Hamptons combines classic decorating, with rustic influences to create the perfect coastal retreat.

Tip #1 - Be authentic. The summer homes of the late 1800s were a combination of English Manor, Georgian and Tudor influences. And as such you will find a good combination of antiques and dark furniture mixed in with lighter pieces. 

Tip #2 - Always choose timeless pieces. For sofas and seating go with pieces that feature curved or rolled arms, and bedheads that are tufted or have studded detailing for example.

Tip #3 - When shopping for timber, whether in dining or side tables to consoles opt for a natural timber that features some kind of classic detailing, from pedestal legs on a dining table to cross detailing on hall tables. 

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