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Adding Charm to your Console ~ Ideas to Inspire 

Adding Charm to your Console ~ Ideas to Inspire 

A console is a great way to add a furniture piece to a space that just needs a 'little something'. Consoles don't necessarily need to be a storage piece, they can be purely decorative too.

Keep your console stylish by adorning the top with lamps, ceramics and greenery and showing off your favourite family photos. The console is a versatile piece of furniture that can work in an entryway, hallway, dining or living space. Use existing elements of your room decor as your starting point for pieces to be on display.

For a balanced display, try adding two lamps to each end and putting a floral, some photo frames and a small ceramic jar in the middle to create a display of varying heights which makes the eye wander & adds visual interest. 

Adding a floral or some greenery is always a great way to "bring the outdoors in" and add a natural element to your display. 

We feel it's always a good idea to play around, don't be afraid of getting it wrong and change things up often. Move the pieces around until you are happy with the grouping and the way everything sits. 

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