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New Year, New Space Transformations!       Our Step by Step How-To

New Year, New Space Transformations! Our Step by Step How-To

Start the New Year with fresh pieces ... 

The atmosphere we cultivate within our homes dictate so much of our lives and wellbeing, it seems like a no brainer to bring the energy of a new year into your home with fresh restyling! You could start in a room overdue for an update, or simply room you love spending time in.
2020 was undoubtedly the year of working from home, and as many of us head back to work we find ourselves with an impressive accumulation of clutter. The New Year calls for restoring those makeshift work spaces to their former glory!

Here we have chose our East End Twin Bookcases as the focal point of this study. What really captivates the eye at a cursory glance is the careful placement of books and accent pieces. Here, we have chosen hard copy books that share a similar colour scheme with cool undertones. This creates a sense of tranquility and unity, which we can use as a jumping off point. In keeping with a "Hamptons" theme, we chose many nautical accents. Large shells lay atop books, a blue coral sculpture adorns a shelf, and white whale bookends tastefully suspend books on a bottom shelf. We also chose to decorate with delicate porcelain birds, trinket boxes, ginger jars and planter pots. This final addition of accent pieces is carefully curated in an effort to tie the entire room together. If you notice, the blues and whites from the porcelain pieces aligns with the design of the mantle, where a large ginger jar rests beside the fireplace. The blue and white wall sconces with gold fixtures above the mantle create perfect harmony within the room, while also tying in the golden wall mirror. 

We urge you to please reach out to our Interior Design team if you would like us to work with you on your home. 

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