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Adding Patterns to your Hamptons Summer Style

Adding Patterns to your Hamptons Summer Style

Patterns are a beautiful way to bring in colour, texture and visual interest to your space. Whether through a feature wall or two, soft furnishings or ceramic accents, bringing in the patterns adds a cool coastal touch to your summer style.

Here are our Interior Designer's top three tips for adding patterns to your style:

1. We love introducing different pattern combinations to a style - but try to keep it to the same colour intensity. Too many colours & patterns together can be quite overwhelming otherwise.

2. Distribute patterns evenly throughout the space. This really balances the look and ties it all together, especially in smaller spaces. Try varying the scale of the patterns as well - for example, a feature wall , with cushions in check pattern, and a paisley trinket bowl on the coffee table - all in a cohensive colour scheme. 

3. Be sure to break up the patterns with solids.  Too many patterns laid on top of one another can look too much, so mix in some solids to balance the look.  


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