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Same Same, but Different .. Mix & Match your Hamptons Style

Same Same, but Different .. Mix & Match your Hamptons Style

Whether its the classic style, calming colour palette, or seaside vibe of the Hamptons style that draws you in, it is often the versatility of the look that keeps us all coming back for more. From the classic blue and white style, to the coastal inspiration incorporating rattans and natural textures, and right around to the modern style of mirror trays, silvers and metallics - the fabulous part of the 'Hamptons inspiration' is that it can be tailored to a style that is completely unique to you.

Here are our three top tips to inspire your living room, Hamptons style:

1. Anchor the space. A relaxed, cool, elegant sofa is a must to any inviting living space, and the Hamptons range of sofas do this best. Elegant arm rests, plush cushions and vibrant piping are the key features to look for when choosing your seaside sofa. Remember, sofas are for the whole family to enjoy - they need to be as comfortable as they are stylish.

Our sofa favourites:


Natural Linen Weave Stripe Sofa 


Denim & Cream Stripe Sofa 

2. Keep it light and bright. Whites, blues, greys and neturals act as the perfect base - but then add colour through cushions, florals and ceramics. Pops of green, pink and navy work beautifully with the Hamptons colour palette. Incorporate prints, paisleys and textures through throws and trays to add interest to your look. 

Our Patterned Favourites:


Rochelle Jar Tall 

Indigo Porcelain Vase Print #01


3. Mix the old with the new. Incorporate your favourite pieces and family heirlooms into your look through styling with mirror trays, grouping of displays and mixing the old with the new...this is your Hamptons home after all. 

Our Favourite Mirror Trays: 

Rectangle Mirror Tray H Design 


Zeta Tray - White 

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