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Checks and Stripes: Patterns of a Hamptons Summer

Checks and Stripes: Patterns of a Hamptons Summer

When it comes to summer style, nothing quite beats the fresh, cool, coastal vibes of checks and stripes.

Working in perfect harmony together, or styled individually as a statement look - these patterns add the eye catching wow factor to a space without even trying.

Our Interior Design team has chosen a few of their favourites from our range that can easily be incorporated into your Hamptons summer time style. 

CHECKS ... When it comes to checks we love bringing this pattern into the home through soft furnishings like cushions. Keeping with the blue and white palette keeps the look in tune with the seaside style we love. If you were going for more of an elegant look, switch the blues for blacks or even silvers in that same check pattern - divine. 

Our Check Favourites - The Denim/White Check Cushion Collection exclusive to Hamptons Style. 

STRIPES... Stripes are the obvious choice when going for that nautical touch to your style, but when paired correctly they can be the cherry on top of your Hamptons style. We love pairing our stripes with floral, paisley patterns - so mix it up and have some fun! Ticking stripe with paisley, Marine stripe with silver and black accents... it all works beautifully together. 

Our Stripe Favourites - Camden Marine Stripe Sofa  & Classic Denim Ticking Stripe Cushion, part of the Hamptons Style Collection Cushions. 

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