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The coolness of white to your seaside style 

The coolness of white to your seaside style 

One of the key colours of the coastal look is white - it brings with it the cool, fresh vibes synonymous with the seaside style. White also plays its part perfectly when paired with textures like rattan and beautiful blue hues - allowing these accents to pop in the space.

Here are our three favourite ways to bring white into your Hamptons home:

1. Choose key pieces in white. Furniture such as coffee tables, hall tables, consoles and buffets are a perfect option to go with in white - not only will they lighten up any space, they are the perfect base to add your favourite accents and styling.  One of our favourites is the West Beach collection. 

2. Lighten those softer textures. Adding a relaxed, calming vibe to your seaside inspired space is achieved simply by a few white textures to the room. Cushions, throws and rugs are all beautiful white accents that pair with your already existing colour palette to freshen up the look.

3. Seaside in white. Choose a few coastal accents in white to form part of your new display, and instantly the look pops! Whether it is a piece of coral, lamp shades, ginger jars or a vase of your favourite white florals, a few lighter pieces will work as stunning accompaniments to your style. 

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